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How many times have you had to go back home after realizing you forgot your favorite product? Have you ever misplaced said product and immediately ran to go buy a new one? It has happened to all of us, maybe more times than we would like to admit. These products are our babies and we cannot survive without them. Here are my favorite products that I absolutely CANNOT leave the house without.

  1. Nars Satin Lip Pencil- Rikugien

I absolutely love this lip pencil. It is one of my everyday lip colors. I use it as an all-over lip color. It is a chubbier lip pencil, and while it can have a sharp point, I do not use it as a lip liner. For me, Rikugien appears as a ‘your lips but better’ color, with a tiny bit of a shimmer. The satin finish feels very amazing on my lips and keep my lips feeling hydrated all day!

  1. Marc Jacobs O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara

This is my favorite mascara ever. I discovered it when I purchased a Sephora Favorites Mascara box. It was the first one I gravitated to, because of the name, and I was interested in how this product worked. It is AMAZING! The wand is wide at the bottom, and gets more narrow towards the top. I do not curl my eyelashes often, mine are not flat but also not curled, but this mascara really lifts my eyelashes, making my eyes look very wide and awake.

  1. Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Perfume

While this is not a beauty item per se, I cannot leave my house without this perfume. I have been using this perfume for as long as I can remember. I have it in a roller ball, travel size, full size, and a super small mini. I always have the mini and roller ball in my purse. As the name suggests, this perfume just smells very sexy. It has a vanilla orchid scent, with a hint of clementine and a dash blueberry! Definitely my favorite perfume, always!

  1. Conair Hair Comb

After a hair disaster before family pictures, I learned my lesson. I now always carry a full-size comb with me. I like combs better than brushes because it is easier to part my hair, and I feel like combing my hair out keeps my hair very straight. Brushing my hair seems to emphasize the dryness and makes it look a bit puffier. If you don’t carry a brush with you all the time, I recommend at least taking one with you whenever you are going somewhere important (date, family pictures, work meetings, etc)!

  1. Sephora Compact Mirror

I love this mirror. The small size is perfect for throwing it into a clutch or small purse. The mirror is double sided, with one side being normal zoom and the other side has a 5x zoom. It’s great for quick touch ups or checking if your lunch from 5 hours ago is stuck in your teeth!

Since I have a small purse, I cannot (and hate to), take a lot of extra things with me. These items are my favorites and I like to always keep them with me, whether it is to use as a quick touch up or fix up my makeup.



Nivien ♥


What products can you not leave the house with? Tell me in the comments!

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