Makeup Haul/First Impressions

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Every once in a while, we all love to spend our money on things we love, whether it is makeup, shoes, books, or anything else! Lately, I decided to splurge on a couple of makeup items from Sephora and Ulta. Check out my list to see what I bought!


  • Too Faced Born This Way Foundation- Nude

I bought this foundation because it had many great reviews and I was looking for my first high end foundation. The color selection of this foundation was amazing. I am the color nude, and it matched perfectly! This foundation applies very beautifully onto the skin. It is easy to blend and does not look cakey. I would highly recommend this foundation!

  • Beauty Blender

Everyone raves about the Beauty Blender. After having no luck with off brand blenders from Wal-mart and Target, I decided to pick up the real deal. I immediately noticed the difference between the Beauty Blender versus the other brands. My foundation blended amazingly and easily. I did not look cakey and it gave me a very natural finish. Although this is a high price for a sponge, I think it is worth it, if you take care of it.

  • Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray

I purchased this setting spray in the smallest size because I wanted to try it out before committing to the full size. Throughout the day, my face can begin to get oily and look shiny. I sprayed this after applying my makeup and I did not get very oily throughout the day. I will definitely be purchasing the full size.


  • Smashbox Always on Gel Liner- Bouncer

I fell in love with this eyeliner as soon as I saw the color. The eyeliner glides very smoothly on the waterline. The color is very pigmented and looks beautiful. This eyeliner comes in many different pretty shades, each one a simple way to add a pop of color to a simple eye look.

I decided to splurge on these items in the past few weeks and I am glad I did. I did not have any problems with any of these products. They all work well and look amazing!


Nivien ♥

Have you tried any of these products? Tell me what you think of them.

What makeup products have you bought recently? Let me know in the comments!

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