Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette

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We all love changing up the color of our lips, whether we want a subtle pink lip one day or a loud purple lip the next. Although there are many different amazing and affordable lipsticks, sometimes we want to treat ourselves by buying a more expensive product. Today, I am going to show you how you can make every single lipstick shade you have ever dreamed of with one palette.

We all know and love Anastasia Beverly Hills and their liquid lipsticks are a fan favorite, right after their brow collection. Recently, the company released a lip palette, which gives you the ability to mix lip shades, to create any color you want. While that is amazing, imagine being able to create every single one of their liquid lipsticks, with just one palette. This saves you a lot of money, considering every liquid lipstick is $20 and the palette is only $48.

Below, I give you the formula to create some of the brands most popular shades, using just the lip palette.

1 part of #8 and 1 part of White = Pure Hollywood

1 part of #1, 1 part of #4, and 1 part #11 = Crush

1 part #11, 1 part #5, and 1 part White = Dusty Rose

2 parts #4 and 1 part #11 = Ashton

2 parts Blue, 1 part Yellow, and ½ part Black = Requiem

3 parts White, 1 part #9, and 1 part Black = Clover

2 parts #3 and 1 part #7 = Spicy


These formulas are just a few of the infinite possibilities. With this palette, you can make any color that your heart desires, while saving money in the long run.


I hope this post helped you find some new ways to make some of your favorite ABH liquid lipsticks or decide if you want to invest in the palette or not.




What is your favorite liquid lipstick from ABH? Let me know in the comments!

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