Super Skin Drinks

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I would like to start this post off by apologizing for not posting last Wednesday. Life got busy and I did not have time to write a post. Forgive me!

This week we are talking about ways to improve your skin through what you drink. There are many drinks out there that have a lot of benefits for your skin. You may already be familiar with these drinks because you probably already drink them, so hopefully this will teach you about some of your favorite drinks.


  1. Green Juice– In many green juices, you find lemon, ginger, and kale. Lemon can help your skin glow by cleaning your blood and kidneys, ginger gives anti-aging antioxidants, and Kale promotes maintenance and repair through the vitamins it contains.


  1. Green Tea– Green tea helps fight free radicals that you might be exposed to outside. It also has anti-aging properties that prevent wrinkles and can fight skin diseases.


  1. Pomegranate Drink– A pomegranate drink is helpful to those who are exposed to the sun a lot. It can help fight dark spots and wrinkles. It also helps strengthen the layers of your skin, which will help your skin fight signs of aging.


There are many different kinds of drinks that can help you get results that you want. Of course, the most popular drink of all is water. Make sure to drink at least 7 cups of water each day. I hope this post taught you something new and inspired you to go try a new drink!




Do you regularly indulge in any of these drinks? Tell me in the comments below!

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